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My vintage Ebo Jager heater is starting to act up.

It's been quite some time since I have shopped for a heater, and I'm hearing Ebo's aren't as bullet proof and well built as they used to be, so I am looking for suggestions.

What do you all suggest for a comparable high end heater suggestion?

Thanks for the assist.


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I recommend the 300W or 600W BRS Titanium heater on a InkBird ITC-306a Controller, BRS sells them as a package and they are amazing!


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Eheim Yager still pretty reliable. They don't last forever though. And yes, it should also be on a controller. The controller is primary.


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Thanks for the assist and heater suggestions.

I currently have an inkbird in use, but it has started acting wacky. It is measuring the temp two degrees *higher* than the other methods I am using to measure temp. It was spot on prior to this hiccup. I'm not sure what happened. On the week it happened, I entered the tank to clean the display of algae and the water felt much colder than it should. InkBird was stating I was in my range. When I measured with a glass thermometer it was at least 2 degrees cooler.

It caused me to bump the InkBird up 2 degrees in range (alarms), after turning up the heater to the get the correct temp. Right now my tank temp is 76, but the InkBird is displaying 78.5.

It also failed to cut the electricity to the heater when it began alarming earlier this summer due to my previous heater starting to show it's age and get unstable. Alarm rang...no electricity cut off.

Prior to placing the InkBird into service I contacted their customer service to inquire about probe cleaning frequency or concerns with the probe in Salt Water. They replied with this:

<<<<<Just for double protection, if possible, please use silicone tubing/ heat shrinkable tube (silicone tube) to protect the connection between probe and cable.
Please clean the probe regularly. We often do a regular customer survey. Based on feedback from customers who have used the probe for more than 2 or 3 years, regular cleaning of the probes is what they have been doing, that's why we would advise other customers to do the same to protect the probes from damage.>>>>>>

Do any of you do this to your InkBird probe?

Vinny Kreyling

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I've heard too many complaints about the Inkbird.
I would use a Ranco (industrial unit) if I did not have my controller.


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My Ranco temperature controller is probably the most reliable piece of gear on my tank. It’s currently running a BRS heating element.