heating issues help!


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hey guys I have a used 24g aquapod with the hqi 150 w lighting. this is my first tank. My grandmother likes to have the damn house at 77 degrees. so I just added the water, live rock and live sand and 2 days later without even turning on the light its at 80 degrees. I want to grow SPS and have a couple fish in there, I might be looking at the temperature rising to 84 or 85? would that be too hot for the SPS corals and fish?


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You're going to have to minimize how much heat you're adding to the water column. Make all submersible pumps high efficiency pumps, use the vortech's for circulation, get rid of the MH in favor of LED's. Add some fans where practicable, etc. If all else fails, you may have to use a chiller.


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I would try using a fan to blow air across the water surface first. If that doesn't work I see a chiller in your future... Small tanks like yours with MH lighting almost always need a chiller. In the long run switching over to LED lighting would be the most economical.