Hello, new member starting a nano marine!


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Hello everyone,
Im currently in the process of stepping up my hobby of fish keeping to marine.
Ive got about 6 years experience in fish keeping, starting with tropical, then i moved onto a fully planted co2 setup. Then onto Malawi cichlids!
So going to take the step forward and convert my fluval edge to a nano marine tank!
Ive just ordered the required 42led lighting setup and a nano koralria hydor powerhead!
Im in a bit of a predicament as to whether or not to go for a protein skimmer, research tells me there isnt much point with there being little water, just do regular water changes??!!
Has anyone done this conversion with some ideas or tips please??
I would like a skimmer but trying to find one thats been intergrated to the fluval edge hood is proving difficult!!
All tops or ideas would be massively appreciated!!

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You don't need a protein skimmer in that size tank. Weekly 10-20% water changes will export your nutrient.

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I've been keeping nanos and picos for a long time. Never used a skimmer on them, just water changes. Keep it simple! They are very easy and enjoyable if you just keep up with water changes. Have fun!