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I'd just like to say Hi from the UK!
Currently I run two tropical tanks, one a Discus tank with A lesser spiny eel, congo tetras, common plec, bristlenose catfish and assortment of smaller tetras. I also have a larger tank with a shoal of seven assorted Pygocentrus piranhas.
I'm looking into getting a nano tank and was recommended this site from one of the members on a piranha forum. Been looking at the Orca range of tanks at my lfs, which look like a nice setup for a very reasonable amount of money.
I shall have a good look through the forum and am open to advice!


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Good Luck, I love Discus although Ive never had them, I was more of an Oscar and Central American cichlid fan when I was into freshwater. I guarentee you will love the saltwater hobby. I dont even have any freshwater tanks, at one time I had 6.