Help a newbie out wit this question!!


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I just put in a koralia #2 in my 39g biocube. It's blowing my sand up and is in the front of my tank. Is that koralia to big or is it in the wrong spot? I have it in the top right corner. Next to chamber 1.

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I believe the # 2 is the 600gph. I would not be that concerned about the flow.

I have 1 #2 and 1 #3 in my 29g cube.

But it is how you point it and what you want to keep in the tank. If the sand is really blowing around check to make sure its not pointed directly at the sand.

If you put your hand in front of the PH you can feel the water really moving but its not 'forceful' say like a Rio that comes out of a spicket like head.

I would try differnt angles to get it right.

I have both of mine set up on the left side of my tank; one at the top; pointing upward and one half way down pointing towards the front of the tank but still at an angle towards the top.

This works out well because I have an annem. that is right in front of the PH and corals such as a pulsing blue xenia towards the right side in less flow.




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agreed. I've got 2 #2s in a 29. after a time the sand will get something of a top crust from the bacteria populations and the sandstorm will die down. If you've not yet used waterkeeper's sticky thread at the top of the forum it's a great resource