Help about filtration


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I have a 125 gallon tank, with a wet/dry filter box built in the back of it. The box occupies 20 gallons, so I suppose there is only 105 gallons of actual fish tank. The wet dry includes a filter wool tray, then 4 wool cylinders, and lastly bioballs. As of now it is not set up as a marine tank, but I would like to convert it to saltwater. My question is,

-Should i keep the wet/dry
-Convert the filter box to a sump (add hang on Protein Skimmer, Live Rock, Seaweed w/ LEDS, Carbon etc)
-Or drill a hole in the side of the tank and add a sump underneath the stand?

I was planning on keeping a variety of fish, and soft coral.

Any advice is appreciated


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i would drill the tank and add a sump, that way everything is hidden in the stand, ditch the wet/dry and just use LR


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Yep, use the wet dry as a sump. Get a skimmer, add some chaeto and plum it up. Keep the live rock in your display.


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Remove the bio balls. is the tank acrylic? I would put a Lifereef overflow on it. I would put the skimmer in the sump (Vertex 100) or get a MSX HOB skimmer or Deltic MCE 600. PS Welcome to Reef Central.


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Thnx guys. The tank is Truvue acrylic.

So, I have come to the consensus that wet/dry is not a good filtration for marine tanks. As of now it is freshwater. The tank was bought used, and therefore is older, and I guess trickle filters were the rage sometime ago.

So, It does have the built in 20 gallon wet/dry, and I dont wish to waste this space.

So, here is my idea. The box is divided into 3 chambers. The first is the overflow, where i can but seaweed and an ECO underwater LED so it can get some light. Then, it waterfalls onto filter media and wool spools, I will replace bioball area with some LR (Plus there will be pounds and pounds of LR in the tank portion),and the third chamber could house the hang on skimmer, heaters, (carbon or ammonia chip bags?) and return pump. I like this idea because I wont have to buy a sump, there is no risk of overflowing, and it utilizes all space.
-One thing, is the LR photosynthetic? because the bioball area, which would now house LR, is at the bottom of the filter and doesnt see much light.

I am not against using a sump, Its just that the filter box is a large area that wouldnt be utilized.

So, I guess what I mean to ask, is what would any of you consider in my position. Sorry for the long post, but I would really like to know all the options.

Thanks in advance for the advice.