help and opinion on plumbing and sump


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OK here goes I have a 120 gallon glass tank 5ft long by 27 tall 18 wide. I would like to run two returns on this set up off of the same pump a triton5 blue. a ehopps dual overflow the pump is 100 gph or just a little more then the overflow as of now. my new sump is a dyi 75gallon tank I had in the garage the dual drains from display will drop into the skimmer compartment then baffles return section then a 20 gal fuge with a baflle higher then return compartment and another overflow from DT rated about 100 gph I had from a old filter draining into fuge how could I run to return lines with least head loss. would it be good to run 1in pipe up a 45,3in pipe, to another 45 to 3ft vertical climb with a gate valve in middle then to a T then left side out of t 7 in the 90 a two in piece another 90 down into display 8in with a dyi end to adjust flow direction, right side 2ft horizontal flow to a 90 2in price to another 90 this one is drops down about 4 in from top of tank.. with same dyi end as other side. overflows sit on each end of DT on the back side .

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