help! Apartment getting sprayed for bugs. Reef tank in danger!


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Hey guys,
So my apartment will be sprayed for bed bugs (lucky me) and I was advised by the exterminator to cover my tank in plastic wrap so it is airtight so no poison gets in. The poison needs to dry for 8 hours till it's safe. Oh have a 50 gallon tank with no sump so it should be easy (just cover the top).
How long can a reef go with no air? There will be circulation. Anyone else have experience with this type of situation? If so, how did it go?


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Can you run an air pump from OUTSIDE, like a window or something?

8 hours is a tad long with no air exchange at the surface.


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I'd try to move the tank outside if the weather permits. 50 gallons shouldn't be hard to do. Empty it move it refilled real quick.


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You can cover it with plastic drop cloth(2~3 mil) will be just fine. Turn off your skimmer if you have one. Keep a power head aimed up at the surface of your tank. 8 hours is not a big deal. Remember when livestock gets shipped to us, it is in bags 12-16 hours.


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Yeah, but when it is shipped to us, isn't it packed with a high level of oxygen in the bag?

Outside is a definite no no. Minus 23 Celsius weather is probably more dangerous than the poison lol.

I think I'm going to plastic wrap it, run an air pump from outside and have 2 short air hoses on the opposite side to allow air to escape.

I have even heard of covering the aquarium with a wet towel, but I don't really trust that.


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I had bed bugs, and my brother is in the business, he has the bed bug dog.
I had a 110G tank back then, and I sprayed my apartment my self once a month for about a year, I did use the strong chemicals the are illegal in most states to get if you are not an licensed exterminator. Any way I had no negative affects on my tank, I just did not spray next to it, but I did open the windows, because if not ill start to feel the chemical's on me, if it make you feel better cover it, but I never covered my tank. The chemicals that I used are: TEMPERMID & GENTROLL, I mix them up and its a crazy cocktail.
And also now in my new apartment that I have a 75g reef, I still spay every 3 months just to prevent from getting them again.