Help! Bubble Tip Anemone


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I bought a bubble last thursday. When I put him in the tank...approx where I wanted him, he attached to the rock and was fine. That night he creeped into a little crevice out of sight and out of light! I figured this was just his time trying to get used to the tank and he'd come out in a couple of days.

I've waited and he's not come out, and now all it looks like is a ball of his outside shaft skin (don't know how else to describe it).
I'm worried. What should I do?

It really sounds like you needed to do a lot more research before you purchased the animal.

Bubble tips like to have their pedal disc and column in crevices or holes. If the animal has not expanded out by now, there are other problems. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine what they are.

Your salinity should be at 1.025 or 1.026 at temperature of about 82F.

You might try reading this article for starters. I have published a small booklet on host anemones, as well, available through and other places.

Good luck!
I really did read up on them. Maybe in hindsight not enough. But originally it was my understanding they liked flat surfaces, however I'm understanding now that's not the case. I really don't remember where I read that though.
I think that I thought I knew what I needed to know, bought the animal and then when this started happening, I got concerned because I didn't want to lose my $50 animal!

Anyway, I had read where he might move into a darker area for a few days and then move around the tank. So I was going to let him do that, then I saw him all closed up and got really concerned. But I added some Microvert to the tank, fed the fish with some shrimp and he opened up. Since last night (Mon) he's moved his foot towards an opening and he's strectched up to the light. He looks a lot healthier. If you have any other suggestions, let me know. And thanks for responding.

Okay, now's the time for feeding it some real food. :D

Microvert is not usable by most inverts, and certainly not by anemones.

My suggestion would be to try feeding it with some diced raw shrimp, diced fish or krill. Once it starts eating, providing water conditions are good, you will be most of the way home.

Good luck!!