HELP - Compact Fluorescent Fixture keeps flickering

john fidler

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I have a 48" Satellite Compact Fluorescent fixture (total 130 watts - has two 65 watt 10,000K/460 actinic) over my 75 gal FOWLR. It is about 1-1/2 years old. Today, the lights starting flickering like crazy. I tried switching the fixture on and off, but after maybe a minute or two it would start again. Then I thought maybe the bulbs, so I replaced them with new, but it still flickers.

Has anyone had this problem? Is the fixture shot? Is it the ballast? Anything I can do short of getting a new fixture?

Right now I have it turned off. I have a few mushrooms and polyps so would like to resolve soon - even it means a trek to the store tomorrow for a new fixture.



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I would guess the ballast since you've replaced the bulbs. Did the sockets look O.K. when you changed the bulbs? Other than those 3 things there isn't anything else.

john fidler

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littlemanin, thanks

just took the fixture down and removed the reflector to check the wiring. Sockets looked OK. For the heck of it I hand tightened a couple of wire nnut connections near the ballast. Assembled the reflector and bulbs again and plugged in. So far so good. I'll see in a little bit if it starts again. Otheriwse, maybe it was just a loose wire. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Guess it was time to change the bulbs anyway (6 months and the ends were starting to get black)

john fidler

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i hear ya. Wasn't looking forward to spending for a fixture locally and really not ready to decide on a new one - whether to get more wattage, different type, (t5 or halide), etc. Also, got other things to do tomorrow.

So, so far so good. Last time it flickered within a few minutes. Burning steady now.