Help! Everything got stung...


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I took a bunch of zoas/palys out of my tank last night and ever since, all my LPS coral have been stinging each other. I put activated carbon in the filter. Is there anything else I can do?



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Best is to give them moderate flow to get rid of decaying flesh and keep plenty of space in between them.


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hmmm might have to do something with your palys/zoas, did you happen to disturb the palys and zoas? because when its wrecked/fragged in the tank, the palys/zoas release toxins that can kill other corals in the tank, happend to some guy I know


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no way those acans stung each other. they could be touching and be fine. I'd do a water change and check all the paremeters.


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Everything got a dose of Zoa's toxin!

Everything got a dose of Zoa's toxin!

The only thing I would do is the biggest water change that I could manage, and pray for the best!!!! Good Luck!:uhoh2::wildone: