help... fish dying


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i lost a few fish in the past 2 days due to an outbreak of ich in my tank that i failed to notice until it was in full swing. I am now treating the ich and most of the others seem to be doing ok except for my tomato clown, he has lost alot of color and doesnt seem to be interested in food at all, this is how the others looked before they croaked (very sluggish, laying on the bottom) is there anything i can do to help him or is he a goner?


Do the hypo treatment for the fish, but do a fresh water dip first. that will provide some immediate relief because the parasite will drop off the fish. your fish are sluggish because the parasites are all over their gills and they can't breathe. you should do the hypo treatment for at least a month (or longer if you can) in a tank other than your show tank to try and break the parasite's life cycle.