help hanging lights


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I have a 72 gallon bow front.I just bought some lights for my tank that has to be mounted to something over my tank.I'm having a hard time finding a canopy for it and I talked to this guy at my LFS who is a carpenter.He said he could build me something fot about $400.Can anyone tell me something I could do or buy that would be a little bit cheaper?I have a reflected lighting with an xmlighting bulb I kind of new so if you need more information let me know and I will try to give more


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Custom hoods aren't cheap, especially for tanks with rounded fronts. If you're handy with wood, a canopy isn't that hard to make, you can pick up thin ply or paneling at the depot and build your own. But it will take some time and tools...

72 Bow is a common size, your LFS may be able to order something. Not sure how the $$ compares with custom though.

Another option would be to use a pendant lighting system that is hung from the ceiling and run canopyless.

I'm a fan of bow tanks, I have a 92 Gallon corner and love it. Good luck!


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we have some square tubed aluminum thats attaches to the back of the stand and then L's over the tank, from there the lights hang off chains