HELP HELP! Rodi is clogged???


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Took apart my BRS 4 stage rodi for cleaning and new filters

Reassembling, everything is ok until the elbow for the ro canister "in". It is completely sealed off...when I unscrew it there appears to be some sort of spring loaded mechanism that isn't getting activated...did I lose a part?

I can hook it direct to the tap and manually engage the spring and water sprays. Pressure and etc are all the same at my tap.

Pleaseeeee help!


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Check valves only allow water to flow one direction. 1/8" Male NPT x 1/4" Push Connect elbow check valves are typically used on the product water output of RO membrane housings to protect from back pressure and allow auto shut off valves to operate correctly

I believe you have the housing reversed or the elbows reversed.


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I'm guessing you unscrewed all the fittings.
That is a check valve and it goes on the filtered water output of the ro.
The blue line in this pic.

There is also a restrictor that goes on the waste water output. (black line in pic). The restrictor is either in the 90, in the line where it plugs into the 90 or a peice that looks like a coupler in between the waste line.
The line on the other side is the input.


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So...I swear I feel I'm in the twilight zone...but I put it back together the total opposite of how I remember it being setup for the past 2 years...and it works no problem. I used to have the ro canister top facing right, now it's left.