HELP! Is my tube anemone dying?!


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Hello, first one poster here. So I just got a tune anemone for my 28 galling nano cube. Where I first put the anemone he was being picked on by my pistol shrimp. So I moved him. He's been sick ever since. It seemed like he was never happy and would move around the tank. Finally this morning I saw him Hidden inside some of my live rock. Knowing that if he dies I'd have to get him out ASAP, I moved him again. I placed him in a corner of my tank that doesn't get the most aggressive water flow so he could anchor in the sand. He looked deflated and all his tentacles were shriveled. The water also looked kind of cloudy, and he had clear-ish slime all around him. Thinking he might be dead, I took him out. I put him in a glass jar with the same water that's in my tank. My tank parameters are all good. I do water changes very frequently and everything else in my tank is healthy. I'm including a pic of him in the jar, any help is greatly appreciated as I'm still novice at best. Thanks


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There is no way to know if it is dying,it just looks closed up,but since he is now in your glass ,I would put some sand in the bottom of the glass,for it to ease itself into
and the put the glass in the aquarium so it gets circulated water.It will die if left without circulated water.If it is dead you will know because it will not burrow into the sand.If it survived ,and isn't injured,leave it in the glass for protection from other inhabitants,in the aquarium.Tube anenomes do not like bright light,as many other types of anenomes ,so that may be the reason it moved around.If your substrate is too coarse,then they cannot burrow into it.Mine lived in a jar with sugar sand that I placed in my aquarium,very happily.
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