Help lighting my 30gal


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Hello everybody. I am going to be doing a 30gal. SPS/LPS tank here in the near future and I want to ask if a single 150watt MH would be ok by itself? I want to know how a single 250 MH would do? Or do you think IO would need to have two 150's or 250's? I want to stick with MH on this tank because I like MH better than any other light. Nothing against other light, I just like MH.


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I'm using a 250 in a corner 52 that seems pretty happy, though it's a new tank.


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well, firs toff, what are the dimensions? the only 30 gallon tank i can think of is the cube by oceanic (which i want badly) and if thats your tank, i'd go with a 150 watt coralife clamp on the back metal halide. I dunno why, but i love that light. Personally i think a 250 would be overkill since u aren't doing sps, not to mention the heat issues. Besides later on if u wnat, sps can live up top and i'm sure a clam can live at the bottom. just my two cents and what i would do, and will be doing when i get the money to set up another tank.


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Um yes I do want SPS, I said I am doing a, SPS/LPS tank. The tank is a standard AGA 30gal. 36" long by 12" wide by 15" tall.