Help me choose a new 500lph skimmer pump - AEUSA 135RC


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It's finally time I get around to replacing the pump on my AquaEuroUSA 135 recirc. It uses the same pump as the AEUSA400 - same quality problems too.

The skimmer has a 6" body that is ~16" high, where it reduces to a 2.5" neck that is ~6" tall.

This is pretty close to the dimensions of a Euroreef RC80 or RC135, which claim 510lph and 780 lph respectively with a Sedra3500.

With the 2.5" neck I'm thinking I should be on the lower side of that airflow range.

I'm looking for a quality-made, reliable energy efficient pump that would keep the same footprint. Inexpensive would be good, but not the primary requirement. Options I've come across are:

Aquabee 2000/1 ($140 with piping and venturi, 500 lph, 38W)
Sedra3500 (~$90 with venturi, 400-500 lph, 28W)
Aquaclear 70 with mods ($45+mods and venturi, 400 lph, 12W)

Am I leaving any pumps out? I don't think a Eheim will fit in the footprint.

I've read mixed reviews on both the Aquabee and Sedra pumps and really don't know if one is better than the other. I don't have a clear understanding of the mods required on the Aquaclear, have only seen them alluded to.


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That thing would blow the top off my collection cup, methinks. At least double what my skimmer can handle. The only airflow info I can find on it are modded results; any idea what it pulls unmodded?