Help me decide!!!!

Help me decide!!!!

  • anemone

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  • copper band butterfly

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I have a 200 gallon "trying" to be sps dominated. I'm in the process of cycling still since the tank has only been active for 6 months. my sps arn't thriving yet, lps are doing really well...

ANYWAY i don't know i i want a nice rose bubble tip anemone or a copper band butterfly fish


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What did you start your tank with (man made dry or the real wet live rock) and what kind of light do you have?
I started my tank Black Friday with real live rock and a Kessil A360W for light. After 3 weeks I started adding corals (frags), mostly SPS including Acropora. I lost not a single one and most are already growing like crazy.

As for your question: I had a pair of Chelmon rostratus in a similar sized tank with a 9'' green bubble anemone hosting a pair of fully grown A. clarkii. There were no problems with that.
So why not have both?


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What else are you planning to keep fish wise. I personally like the idea of a copperband as a show fish without any other large species (which normally complicate their care and survival anyway).

But as above why one or the other?


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sorry for the delayed response. I used pukani dry rock to start with. I'm running 4 a360 we over the tank. I plan on having a couple species of angelfish as well as some wrasses and clowns

regel angel
blue gridled angel
coral beauty angel
flame angel
mystery wrasse
solar fairy wrasse
snowflake clowns
one spot foxface

i don't know if i want any tangs yet, i might not.


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If I could find a Copperband that had taken to captivity and survived for a reasonable length of time in someone's quarantine or display I would jump on it. Unfortunately, I just don't see that very often.

New imports are just so darn tough to read. I had one eating both frozen and pellet doing remarkably well. I was able to keep it for about two months. It stopped eating and passed in less than 24 hours. No warning or time to treat.

Beautiful fish though.


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Just my 2 cents but...

Looking at your fish list copperbands are not the most likely to eat the BTA, I would worry more about the blue girdled or the regal.