Help me design my metal stand


broke but happy
Does this makes sense to you guys


if you can design it better please let me know
I will really appreciate it.


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In your current design, I can offer a few suggestions:

Flip your base and top making more support members at the top of the stand and fewer at the base - dissipates the weight and helps with balancing the stand.

Also double the vertical supports to accommodate for the added weight in the tank.

Other than that, great design and good luck with the build.



broke but happy
I can't flip the top to base
The reason for the overhang is for bar

Also reef apple will be building my stand . Hopefully Conrad can draw some cad design for me today or tomorrow
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broke but happy
We have similar dimension sir but different application and design
That middle cross braced will not work for my application

Pciscott tank have a over hang too and no cross braces below although his main metal trunk are bigger i will reinforced mine with extra angle braces

Did you figure out what's wrong with your fish ?


broke but happy
May a suggest to catch all your fish and go fallow for 3 months
Its been very beneficial for my fish when I went fallow, Not for my acropora though since I had 120+ fishes at one time ! Lol