Help me in adding some fish


What was I thinking???
Right now in my 90g I have a Yellow eye kole, a Tomato Clown, and a Coral Beauty. What else would be good to add? I was thinking of 2 Anthias at some point.

Maybe even a Shoal Tang.

j/k :rollface:

But seriously, what other fish would be cool?


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I'd get something that hangs out at the bottom like a goby, more than 2 anthias- at least a trio, and an orchid dottyback or royal gramma.

I wouldn't bother with chromis. They like to kill each other.


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alot of people say sohal's need more room but i think other. i have one in my 4 ft 170 does great and my friend has one in his 75 that has been in there for years doing great. i would say a sohal. lots of fun to watch just make sure you have good flow in your tank


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I thought about that too. What about a few blue green chromis with 2 or 3 anthias?

Sounds fine to me. I have seven anthias and five chromis in my 90 (along with a few others).


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A FlameHawk, a gobie, and an Orchid dottyback. Maybe even a red lipped blennie.

I believe that my Flamwhawk and my red lipped blennie have very neat personalities. And I even keep shrimp, my speckled hawkfish is the only fish in the tank that goes to get cleaned...


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I say skip the tangs, anthias, and chromis... Pseudochromis such as fridmani or spingeri are fish no reef should be without IMO. They get a bum wrap for being mean but are usually good community fish that are fun to watch cruise the rockwork. Also, if you have a well established sandbed I absolutely love Rainford's and Hector's gobies. Keep in mind they almost never accept prepared foods so the sandbed is VERY important. Lastly, why not throw in a firefish while you're at it :)


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anthias a great looking fish but they need to be feed several times a day to be happy with out a large system this could cause other issues you dont want.. Just my .02