Help me pick a sump pump


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So I got a 10g custom acrylic sump for free, but it didn't come with a pump. This is my first sump so I'll be needing some help on the proper pump. It's a 15g cube, and the sump will be going under it in the stand. Now...From sump to tank, I'm looking at approximately 3' of head. I want a pump that will add nice flow to the tank, because all I'll be using for flow other than the outflow is a small powerhead (maybe 250gph) Can anyone recommend a nice ($$$ friendly) pump?


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Mag 5 at 500 GPH -(Head Friction loss) $80 That's a big pump
Mag 3 350GPH $70
SICCE 1.5 357 GPH $71
Eheim 1250 at <320 GPH $110

Mag's are good pumps bit noisy very durable.
SICCE has great reviews no personal experience.
Eheim's are ok, but I had a durability problem with the one I bought.