help me stock my new 240 gallon cube


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tank is 48 x 48 x 24 I will be transferring 4 green chromis, 2 ocellaris clowns with the anemone, and 1 regal tang ( small 1.5") the tank will be bare bottom and mostly sps... Id like some real color and a nice large angel.. suggestions?


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I like annularis angels. If you plan a copperband or other butterfly I would make that one of your firsts, I'm having a heck of a time having one be accepted toward the end of my shopping list...

Most color in my tank fish wise comes from my purple dotty, wrasses, anthias, tangs. Cant go wrong with a pbt!


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If you're looking for a large angel you're going to have to do some research. Many of them, like the blue face, are not always safe with corals. The regal and navarchus are a bit safer. You might want to check out dwarf angels. They are usually safe but somethimes you will run into the odd individual who didn't read the manual.