Help Me!! Sump Hole!! Different Then other Thread


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So I saw the other thread a few days ago, but my problems different. I also have a acrylic sump. It has been sitting for a while and seems like the old dirty water and rain ( left it outside) ate a hole threw the bottom. Its about 3/4th an inch wide and goes threw the bottom. What can I used to patch this?

Less then an inch wide.

On bottoms pannel not front.

My friend suggested covering the hole with duct tape then using a silicone over and around it.

What would you suggest>


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Unless it's a hole that something just poked through and you need to plug it I would be more worried about structual integrity of the rest of sump if it is realy worn through. You might have bigger issue on hand.

If it's just a hole somethinn poked through you could

1. Go to lowes or home depot and get a small sheet of acrylic, cut it to size, and use aquarium silicone/jbweld to glue it over the hole from the inside of the sump. This way there is some support.
2. You could try and just fill the hole with aquariuim silicone but I don't know if I would do that on a 3/4" hole.
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plumbers silicon..easy fix no biggy

Silicon doesnt really stick to acrylic all that well.


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2" square of acrylic with weldon 40


Where are you located? I have scrap pieces of acrylic and weld-on.