help me with this


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have anybody know what is this? i think this is a anemone. its has sort of tentacles that are so sticky and it moves anyone have experience with this type. thx

is this hardy?the coral (red thing) also the coral attached to it. also what are its needs aside from the light? thx so much

lastly what is this? is this good?

thank you so much

phish guy

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the first looks like a basket star. it need LOTS, i mean LOOOTS of plaktonic food to survive, where ever you got it take it back.

don tknow the red thing, looks like a regular branch to me. the coral on it is a xenia colony pretty easy to care for.

third, i got no idea. looks like algae growing on something.

everyone is going to ask this. how bigs the tank, filter, lights blah blah blah.