Help moving a Fiji Leather


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I have a fiji leather on the same rock as my RBTA. The RBTA has gotten big enough that it can touch the leather now and I need to move the leather. I cant remove the rock as the RBTA's foot goes through a whole in the rock to the wall and I dont want to cause it any harm.

I dont have carbon or any other filter in the tank and am worried that if I cut it with a razorblade in the tank that it may cause alot of stress and water pollution to the other corals. Is there any good way to try to move this leather? Any advice would be great!



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Icecube on the foot of the anemone could get it to move. Outside of that cutting the leather off the rock would be the only option. I wouldn't worry about the excess slime that the leather would release, a water change afterward could be doen for peace of mind if you prefer.