help, my tunze is beeping?


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doing a water change and all of a sudden i hear a loud beeping sound. I thought it was outside but turns out it's my tunze, the actual blue box. Not sure if that's called a driver or not. Look in the tank and the tunze isn't working at all. So does that mean that the actual Tunze stream is bad? or the whole thing?


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it's the warning tone that something is wrong. most likely something is impeading the impeller. Try giving it a good cleaning.

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Ditto what szwab said. Usually means the impeller needs a good vinegar soak. Even though it's running again, you might want to check for calcium precipitates.


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Not just the impeller, but the ring at the bottom AND the bottom of the impeller chamber need to be cleaned. Be careful removing that bottom ring ... use an o-ring remover tool (fancy name for a pick).


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Usually as said above.

I had one that would beep and then stop. Always stopped before I could get to the top of the stand with a light source to figure out which of the 5 was alarming.

When it happened when I was standing next to the tank, I pulled it cleaned it thoroughly ( better than new no calcium build up ) and then tested it in a bucket . Same thing,

Turns out motor block was going out, back to Tunze for replacement.