Help!!! My whole system went down for 4-6 hrs , was swtiched of by gfci unit which

lost1st manty:(

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auto shut everything off my connection between my skimmer pump and hose disconneted spilling water out thus triggering gfci outlet to switch off which is all fine an dandyas i did have a backup airation unit that triggered on when power went out but i am most afraid toxic levels of polluntants accumaulated in my sump which i have heard about happening, all my systems are back up running now, what should i do now though as i dont want a wipeout , i reseeded my 150 with some biological i keep as backup in my quarantine and have added some amquel to kill and ammonia or nitrite accumulation, Im just hoping i didnt get a toxic built up in my sump which i read about alot and not sure how long it would have taken or what else i should be doing ,i appreciate anyoner immediete help and response, very worried right now

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For 4-6 hours, it's likely not a problem. That's more of an issue with canister filters that are well sealed and will go anaerobic fairly fast. If anything, put some fresh carbon in to ease your mind ;)