Help need advice with a lights setup


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Hi i need some advice on what route to take for light my 90 gallon. Its a 48x18x25 setup. i would like to keep a mixed setup of lps and sps.

I have a DE 150w MH with two PC 96w on my 36x18x21 and liked the MH but i poped fuses when the AC was on the same circuit.

I live in build with fuse not breakers so my apt iw wired in three sections. The Kitchen, the front half and the back half of the apt. so the fish tank and all accessories are on the front half of the apt. I know to have the tank running right i will need at least two 175w MH and i have two VHO at 110W.

So I guess what i am asking for is t5 set up that will give me that lighting i need with about half the wattage of a MH setup. I know the Best would be two 250W MH so if i can get a complete Retro setup and what bulbs to use would be Great help.

Fromw hat i read so far SLR are a must but should i user 39W t5's or 54W t5's should I user 4 lights or 6. i would rather not have to over drive them but i will if it will give me the results i want.