Help needed!


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I am about to lose my very first fish (oc. clownfish) and I cant do anything to save him. I have a couple questions to ask. And I appreciate the help.

1) The clown is obviously in the final stages of Brooklynella hostilis. Rapid breathing, gills look swollen, washed out color, "broken" fins and hangs out at the surface. He also looks very skinny and overall very bad :( I am heartbroken. He is my first fish. I dont have a QT nor a hospital tank. How can I relieve him? Put him out of his agony and misery fast and painless?

2) The tank has 2 snails, some brittle stars, zoas and polys. If I dont add any fish (but keep the snails, zoas etc) for the next couple months will the parasite be gone?

3) The clown was fine when I bought him a couple weeks ago. He became "ill" 3-4 days after I added some zoas that I bought from a fellow reefer. Could it be the corals were infected with Brooklynella hostilis and passed it on to my fish?

I feel helpless :( I know how important it is to have a qt but it is impossible to have one because there is no room to put it. My tank is a 16g nano.


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You can relieve him of the symptoms by doing a FW dip. It will buy you some time to get formalin or Quick Cure. Do you know how to do a FW dip?