help needed

we need a person to write up an article featuring the URS for the club forum showcase in 'Reefkeeping Online Magazine'.
It should be from the viewpoint of a 3rd person, (not a URS club member.)
Examples of what's to be included can be found in previous issues of the online magazine.


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If it needs to be written from third person, maybe a non-member of the club should be writing it.

My wife is a print media journalist. I know there are all sorts of ethics and conflict of interest rules for article writing. Im not sure if Reef Keeping Magazine cares about all that, but for a real magazine it would have to be written by an unbiased person.


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I am Gary's Acropora Echinata, I live at the top of the highest rock in his aquarium...

No wait, that would make him a member also, nevermind.
do you read it?

do you read it?

'Reefkeeping Online Magazine' is one of my favorite things to read. It would be a shame if our resources (as reefkeepers) dried up because of inaction on our part.
It would be great to see more proactive stuff happen around here. JMO


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If it falls through I'd love to have a whack at it! maybe I'll write something and e-mail it to ya gary as I think with most of the members I am on a first name basis, and am familiar with most of the ideas and goals that URS is aiming for.

LMK I'd personally be honored to tell people about URS.