Help on Silicone


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What is the best reef-safe silicone to use. I need to re-silicone my 55g.

I've been told to use RTV Caulk but none of the hardware store near me have it.

Anyone recomend something else?

Dont care if its black or clear.

THanks in advance.


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Cool, I found this one at lowes website, is this one it?

GE Silicone I
Standard Waterproof Window & Door 100% Silicone 10 OZ Clear


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I used the GE silcone I on the sump I just built. I did notice that it does say "not for...aquariums" on the label though? seems ok, had it in for a week or so...


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it works they just didnt put that u can use it for aquarium.
lots of people use it. i've done a couple of tanks w it w no problems.