help. or i may sell


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Darn green hair algea again
Seems i get it everytime. Phospahte are low.
Nitrates about 30. But I always get it.
All over the rock. Biggest problem is Jsut not enough time to take care of it I guess.
75 gallon, with a wet/dry
not a bad bioload.
1 yellow tang
1 lunar wrasse
1 niger tirgger aobut 4" long
2 damsels.

I am on the verge of jsut selling it all, but not sure what I would even ask for it, has a nice stand as well.

I would really rather fix the Agea issue, but just not sure how.
i have read not to pull it out cause it will make it spread?
Can anyone give some good advice.
I know getting all levels good is a start, but will that make the exsiting algea go away?


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some initial thoughts...... If the algae is bad and the PO4 is low likely the PO4 is being bound by the algae. And without seeing a skimmer or PO4 remover being used there is nothing "competing" for the Po4 so the algae is grabbing all that is incoming. Are you using RO/DI water for changes and top off?


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yes for the most part, but i cheated 2 times, i am sure thats part of it. i probably need to do alot of changes to get things low again


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I had a bad hair alge problem.
I fixed it by getting a Lawnmower Blenny, That thing eats all day.
10 or so turbos and a good clean up crew to help with algae anddetitrus (help with nitrates).
Get a Phosban Reactor 50 bucks with media. This did wonders for my tank.
And make sure you clean out the wet dry and filter media regulary (once a week for media, you can go longer with the bio balls)

Consider a Skimmer, sump/ref the skimmer and ref made the biggest differnce. And what type of water are you using? That makes the biggest differnce of all


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Heres my 2 cents , 4to 5 emerald crabs , po4 reactor, & keep tank dark for 3 days . This will work & emeralds will eat it up quick.


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ok. Are emeralds big? Wondering if my trigger or wrasse with try and make them a meal?
Have a po4 reactor on now with phosban


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If there are no corals in the tank I agree on keeping it dark for a few days if not a week. I think a skimmer would go a long way too.


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I do have a skimmer, not a great one, its part of a wet/dry system so cant really change it.
Have some zoas in there but thats it.


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A PO4 reactor worked well for me when I had a similar problem. My RO/DI was exhausted also. Filters and membrane needed to be replaced. Try testing the TDS in your RO.