Help please worried about a coral


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Hey everyone so I have a 75 gallon tank thats been running probably 4 months now. All the levels look great, fish look really healthy, all other corals look great and are growing. About a month ago I got a yellow fiji toadstool leather. Its been great up until today when it just closed. No changes to tank, and levels look good. I didnt see anything bothering it. Any ideas on why it could be closed.


Salinity: 1.024
Nitrate: <1ppm
KH: pretty steady 9-10
Phosphate: 0.05ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm
PH: 8.08 (high range scale not the one that goes to 4 or whatever)


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they are probably the harder of the leather corals to care for, i think they require a little more light so where in your aquarium is it and under what type of light? you mite try moving him up and see what happens. i have read accounts of these corals sometimes closing up for for extended periods of time only to open up again without any ill effects. i wouldn't panic just keep all your params in check and keep up on your water changes, also could try a little more flow on him and see what happens


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Its under a 6 bulb t5 pretty high up but not too high to were it would be an insane amount of light. The flow is pretty good to it.


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+1. After a year it will be as big as your head and you will wish you never put it your tank.

Funny story, I had a golfball-sized umbrella leather for 5 years that never grew. I had it in three different systems with various conditions and lighting regimes. Everything grew up around it, it didn't.


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mine does that all the time comes back bigger and better every time don't worry give it a couple days pretty cool watching it you will see these long stringy hairs come out of it catching food