help plz?


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hello..after hearing many good things about icecap i decided to start my first metal halide system using the 250w hqi ballast.

my question is:: i ordered a mogul base reflector, ushio 10k bulb, and the hqi 250w icecap ballast. the people at marine depot told me this was all i needed to start my "plug and play" how do i plug it in??? there is no plug? this doesnt sound like plug and play.. lol anyways im just asking what i REALLY need to finish this thanx for any help mike rainone
Hi Mike,

These IceCap ballasts are indeed great: especially for us guys in California:) The ability to fire just about any bulb is also a real plus.

IceCap changed the wiring configuration on their new ballasts a few months back and I guess the person that you spoke to was not aware of that, or had forgotten about it.

Fortunately, the wiring is very simple: the black, white and green wires connect to your powercord (or the IceCap timer), the blue and yellow wires go to the the mogul socket, and the reflector is grounded to the ballast casing (on the eyelet). You can use a solid 18 gauge wire or thicker (or a wire rated at 10 amps or higher). For my tank, I simply took an extension cord and used one section of the cord to go from the ballast to the bulb, and used the plug to wire up to the ballast for power.

If you have any questions setting up the system, definitely feel free to give us (or IceCap) a call. We will be happy to help.

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