Help removing SPS from their plugs


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These SPS I bought, they have a huge SPS plugs, because I have a small tank, it is hard to hide.

I really want to glue it onto the rock. Some have a good encrusting or a thick trunk, like my porites, so how do I get it off the plug. Here are some pictures below.

I did transfer one of my acro yesterday, I broke the encrusting parts and coral body came out ok, but I am lucky I didn't shatter the whole thing.

Should I let it grow to be a bigger healthier colony before I maim them? I mean the encrusted part have polys too so it must contribute to the coral.


I don't know how to link it properly , seems you have to copy and paste the link to a new browser window


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Most plugs I have found to be a pain for that reason. Onl thing I know to do is break them off or cut them with diagonal cutters.


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Dremel is the best way.. I hate those plugs that look like coke bottle tops filled with cement or what ever they putting them on ..


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I find sometimes the dremel heats up the piece a little too much or can't get the correct angle/close enough and opt for a good ol hacksaw........take a few pieces out of the water long enough to saw through them manual style and you will realize that they can be out of the water more that you thought possible before.