HELP! Rose anemone


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Ladies and gents, i have what was a beautiful rose bubble anemone.

The last few weeks it has stayed closed up so that the clown that was home in it can't even get close. Some how about the time it started this, It ate a copperband butterfly. I dont know if the fish was snared by it or passed away and then got eaten. Since then i have not been able to get it to eat. The fish or serpent star grab the shrimp or scallop bits i put in for eat before Rose can get it.

Tank parameteres all test ok, alk was high for a few days but not over 200 ppm. Water changes have been taking place weekly.

If you have any ideas please pass them on.

Yes, swallowed the whole thing. This anemone is about 8" across when it is fully open. It truly is a beautiful specimen.

Copper band was very small about 2.5" long.