Help setting up my calcium reactor!


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OK, so I got this reactor, but I am having a hard time figuring it out and I wanted to run it by everyone here to see if I am doing it correctly or what needs to be changed.

The reactor has 2 water supply tubes (1 right next to the pump and 1 perpendicular to the bubble counter).

Why would there be 2?

The instructions say to just place the tubes in the sump, no pump needed. My problem is when I fill it up and place the tubes in the water, it doesn't seem to draw in enough water to keep it going. When I add a maxi jet to one of the supply tubes, it works, but I think too much water is coming out of the second supply tube.

1. Should I plug one of the supply tubes?
2. Should I have a maxi jet supplying it and is it too much strain on the ump to force it all through a small tube?






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the black tube on top of bubble counter connect to co2 solenoid valve
the black tube with a valve is drain to your sump or tank.
the green tube is for water supply from maxi jet ( i use maxi jet and it works fine)
The addition tube is for you to connect a second chamber if you decide to go with dual chamber. otherwise just plug it off.

hope that help