Help !! Spawning Clowns


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My clowns are at this moment spawning....
They have been together now 3 years ...
They have at least several hundred eggs ....
I'm not sure what to do...
Any Help Appreciated

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wait till they hatch and watch in wonder as everything else in your tank gets the healthiest feast they have had since they were plucked from the wild.


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There is giant breeders forum here.. Read all you can.. Unless you have a setup for moving the fry to and live food to feed them there is nothing you can do.. Prepare for the next batch now that you know that they will spawn for you.


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Honestly I have never looked into it, but I know it is a ton of work. You have to hatch live food and feed them regularly. You have to keep them in a seperate tank without filters to suck them up but you have to keep the water quality pristine to keep them healthy. Basically, if you were not prepared to keep them alive, and you want to try it, I would start learning now and be ready for the next batch, becuase this one will only wait about two weeks till it hatches.
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As bigebill said, its a ton of work, and not really cheap. Best bet to save anything would to maybe see if you can transport the eggs to someone who knows what to do with them. Not sure how well they would transfer, but it might be something to look into.


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Efrain & Bigevill
Both of your suggestions are great
I will do some research and catch them spawning another time


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Get Joyce Wilkersons book, Clownfish. #1 read and when your done I'll give you the next book. :)
Read, Read, Read. My Clowns spawn from time to time and your more than welcome to my advise, pm me if you would like a tour and am in the Harlem and Irving in Chicago area. I'll be in Elgin tonight, but that don't help. ;)
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