Help stock my 40B


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I'm all over in mind about what I want to put in my 40B when the time comes. There's just too many questions that I can't really answer, and certainly don't know enough about to do this on my own.

What I'd like is somethign that's a little bit different than what would be found in a nano, but will still do well in 40B. I suppose I should give a little about my setup. It's a 40B with a 20L sump. It's only been up for 3-4 weeks (I know, no fish yet, I just like to plan ahead). No skimmer as yet, but there is a fuge with some chaeto in it. Down the road, I intend to get a skimmer, but that'll probalby require a new sump (didn't realize the dimensions of some of the skimmers, so that chamber is too small for an ASM or Euro-Reef).

Some of the fish I've considered:

clownfish (no percs, though, way too common, and I'd hate the cry of "nemo")
midas blenny (or any blenny, just like these for some reason)
flame hawkfish
royal gramma

That's just a list of things I've considered, not planning on keeping all of them, just some mix of those. What I'm really looking for is something that's just a bit differesnt

Could I keep flasher wrasses of some kind? Like one male and a couple females?

What about jawfish? I only have a 1 inch sand bed, but I've seen some mention that they can just build their place under some LR and use some rubble for an entrance.

I'm really open to any suggestions anyone has. I don't feel I know enough to know what would do well and what wouldn't.


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How about...

One or Pair of lesser seen clowns? How about Maroons, Skunks, or Saddlebacks? (Try to find some captive bred ones)

A firefish

A blenny of some sort (lots are captive bred)

A basslet (Gramma) (Captive Bred as well)
A solitary, pair, or group of Flashers

And if you put in some vertical PVC (artificial tunnel) you could probably keep a Jawfish. I would stay away from the Hawk and 6-Line as they are somewhat aggresive. I said a Basslet OR Flasher because with no skimmer you gotta be conservative with stocking.


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Well, let me ask, what kind of in-sump skimmer would you recommend? I'm currently thinking either ASM G1x or EuroReef CS80. The addition of any fish is at least a month away. By then, I may have decided to up and get a skimmer. That's pretty much how I do all my purchasing for this tank: plan it out for the future, research the heck out of it, buy it spontaneously since I have no patience after I've done the research for hardware. At least I'm not impatient in livestock.