Help to choose a fish tank


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for $280 the tank, stand and canopy alone it's a good deal. Looks like it's setup for freshwater though, so you'll have to buy a skimmer, appropriate lights and things of that nature seperately. It doesn't look drilled, so if you want a sump you'll have to drill it or add an overflow box. Even considering all that, it's a still a good price though

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I got my 180 gallon acrylic tank for under $400. That tank looks like glass and you can buy a new glass 75 gallon for $150 and a new stand for $200, so I dont think thats a very good deal. Best of luck with a larger tank.


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The glass looks thick: that's good for a reef, and the price is right. The lights will be a loss. You'll need to take the top out of the canopy, likely, or ventilate it with potent fans. The real problem will be drilling the tank for bulkheads and plumbing to add a sump, a chancy and dangerous operation on a glass tank. Be absolutely sure which parts are tempered glass (will shatter) and which are not.

I would more suggest looking on RC for a reef ready tank and a sump of at least 30 gallons, maybe 50, with a skimmer rated for 400g, and either mh or T5 lights.


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its sad to say but a lot of LFS are closing and sometimes you can find some really good deals. I got a 60x18x25 with stand, pumps, plumbing, sump, refugium light, and even a UV filter for $300.


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Freshwater tanks will likely have scratches on the glass that will become much more evident with filled in with saltwater algaes. Unless its in excellent condition it would be better to go with a new tank.

I agree with the LFSs closing comment. I got my 120 Oceanic with stand and crappy light for $350 Canadian. Once you convert that over I think its something like 50 bucks US. :)