Help! why is sps bleaching from the bottom?


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We got a frag of Blue tip acropora tenuis and noticed that part of the bottom has gone white. The tips are still blueish purple and we see some polyp extension. What could be wrong? This is our first acro sps, we really dont want to kill it


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Where did you get the frag from? Was it already encrusting when you got it or was it fresh cut?

In my experience, most tenuis can be a bit finicky when fragging and some just don't make it. Others may have different experience, but mine is that compared to other acropora varieties the tenuis take less well to the frag process.


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hmm, I think it might have been fresh cut. We bought a frag of it online but when arrived it wasnt doing too good so the seller sent a new one.


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can't help without the numbers but my first thought would be to check the alk level and salinity and as always the possibility of a pest or 2. Did you dip the frag when you got it?
It's something you should plan on doing that with your sps frags for sure.