Help with Apex programming if power outage


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Just got my Apex a few days ago and I have the basics setup; but I have an odd issue that I'd like to try to fix using the controller.

My issue; if there is a power outage and my skimmer pump looses power, the skimmer recirc pump won't start back up unless you blow into the venturi airline hose (seems to be a common issue with Bubble Magus skimmers I guess :rolleye1: ). Obviously if I'm not home when the power goes out the skimmer is going to remain off until someone blows in the dang hose. I've played around and if I hook an airpump up to the venturi airline hose, it will restart the skimmer. However, if the airpump remains on the skimmer goes nuts.

So, what I'd like to do, is have a code that, if power is lost, when it comes back on power on an airpump for a few seconds and then turn it off.

I'm sure this is a simple code but this programming thing is all new to me so would really appreciate your help!



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If Power Apex Off 001 Then ON

This will run the air pump for 1 minute after power is restored.



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Erin, sounds like you got the temporary code you needed.

I also have a BM160 recirc and have never had a issue with restart. Hopefully you will find the solution to why it is not restarting. Sorry... but not much advise in this area except the basics, take it apart, clean, verify no binding, etc...

I do include a delay in my skimmer restart logic after feed mode or power fail to allow my flow and water parameters to stabilize to the skimmer before turning it back on. If I don't include a delay, I will frequently get an excessively wet skimate, low bubble level, or overflow of the skimmate collector cup if there is a surge in the flow feed.