help with choosing powerheads


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i dont no what to get, the koralia that has a higher gph rating or the maxi jet that looks a little smaller but has lower gph? i has a 30 gal. i now have 2 175 gph ph but haveing alot of build-up on the rocks and red stringy stuff everywhere when i turn the lights on so im thinking that there is not enogh water movement in the tank.


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I have a 30 long and have two maxijet 1200's and 1 koralia 2, and I think I have good flow. IMHO the koralia 2 does not do a whole lot and think I would be happier with a koralia 3


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i hear that koralias have been known to break easily

Break how? Mine seems very solid, easy to assemble and solid. I read other reviews of this product (fish screen flying off, etc.--mine snapped in very snuggly/securely). I see none of those issues. Just my experience, though.