Help with controller choice


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I moved some months ago and now am ready to set up another tank in my new home. It will be a sixty gal cube with as twenty gal sump/refugium. I am hoping to used lessons learned in my last set-up to be more successful in this set-up. I have honestly agonized somewhat over the details and am about ready to start the build but have one area that I still dont have a real understanding of and that is controllers. Basically what I am looking for is a good controller that wont break the bank ( banks pretty much already broken) that would run lights and temp. and maybe with expansion possibilities. Any recommenadations? Also with regards to the lights do the controllers just turn them on and off to the schedule you want or will they also ramp the power up and down on them? Go from low intensity in the morning to higher later in the day and them going back down in the evening? I am using LED lights. Thanks for your help.


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For basic functions like that I would look for a reefkeeper system. They can be bought for 120 and up. Plus you can add an advanced light controller which can ramp the lights up and down (I could be wrong)