Help with diagnosis please!


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I put my reef to bed Friday night and all was well. Saturday, about 11 or 12 hours later I noticed one of my fish stuck on a powerhead. Then I looked closer to find almost all of my fish dead and on the bottom of my 400 gallon display. I lost several fairy wrasse, a black tang, a powder brown, several anthias and a couple other tangs. About 10 fish or so total. My only survivors are a pair of clown fish and a neon goby.
I have not added anything new to my tank in months. Also, all of my corals are fine, including many acropora. My water parameters also check out in the normal range. I did not lose power. Nothing else seems unusual and the corals are doing fine as are the surviving fish.
I feel really bad as most of my fish were with me for up to several years.
If anyone has any ideas what could have acted so quickly and lethally I would appreciate knowing as I am stumped.
None of the fish were marked except the one in the powerhead. One of the anthias died with its mouth open.
Thanks for any help on what might have happened.


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We just had the same thing happen in a 50 gallon tank. The survivors were also the clown fish. I will throw out the details in the reef forum.