help with doser


After sitting up most of the night (im starting to enjoy this now) iv made a bit of headway, things as they are

i have my 6 plug bar as follows

socket 1 heating
socket 2 cooling
socket 3 ozone
socket 4 lights

now, this is where im getting a tad confused i think,

I have my 3 way doser plugged into s1-s4, does this now mean that the socket numbers have changed, ie, would i have to make heating socket 5, cooling socket 6, ozone socket 7 and so on? :spin1:

this is me

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Yes. When you have S1-s4 plugged in, the first socket on the powerbar will be S5. If you have S5-S8 plugged, the first socket on powerbar will be S9.
The switches on the back of the controller have priority.