Help with dosing requirements/solution mix


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How do you all calculate the concentration of alk. solution needed for dosing?

This is what I have figured:

1) Aqua Medic pump rate= 0.8 gal/hr
2) Use for 1.25 hours= 1 gallon pumped
3)4) 1.25 hours/30 days (1 month supply of solution)= Dosing pumps on for 2.5 min/day
Tank uses= 0.275 teaspoons of baking soda/day (6 ppm)
5) For 1 gallon solution, mix 8.25 teaspoons baking soda

Any notable corrections or other suggestions?


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I used peristaltic pumps that could deliver solutions very slowly, but they were a bit pricey.

Thanks. I just did a little research and I have determined that this pump is geared more towards an ATO system. It pumps at about 53 ml/m while most seem to pump closer to 1 ml/min.