Help with Halides


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Im gonna be doin a 90gal sps 48x18x24, is 3x400w hqi too much or should i use 2x400w hqi. Both will have 2x65w actinic?


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How about 2x250 watt ??
3x400 seems like a lot to me, You will have a fair amount of heat to deal with.


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2x250w should be fine. I just mounted my diy pendant over my 45. It's a 2 foot tall tank and it seems like plenty of light.


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i have my 110g with 2x250w halide. though it is suppose to be a zoo only tank...sps and a clam has mysteriously drifted in there. :D

they are doing great with great color and growth.

there always seems to be an ongoing thought for more light, more light and more light...but there is a point of 'too much'.

my personal preference are pendants with an open top for better heat dispersement...but that is just a preference...


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yea i think at that depth unnecssary heat issues will be the result if you go with the 400's. the 250's will be plenty