Help with Lights


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I'm sure this subject has been beatin to death. I'm not very fimiliar with lights and frankly does not want to purchase the wrong kind.

I have a 210g that is 72"long. Currently running MH with 2 36" retro fit Sunpaq 50/50 and Atinic.
Looking to get rid of the MH.

I like like to purhase T5's. Please let me know what I should be looking at.



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I saw a 210 running 6 T12 Vhos on 3 icecap 430's that looked really good. Tank was mainly soft corals. The owner tried to run MH's but found his coral were not liking that much light. The current set up looks diamonds.


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Huy, you have a lot of options. What you are looking for depends on what you want to do.
The most obvious question is rather you intend to use a retrofit kit or a light fixture.
You would also need to determine how many bulbs you are going to put over the tank. 6? 8? 10? (if 10 would even fit).
Are you going to overdrive the bulbs with Icecap ballasts?
Make sure you have individual reflectors for the bulbs.
There is a MASSIVE T-5 thread by GrimReepfer in the lighting forum that will cover a lot as well as list his recommended bulb choices based on the number of bulbs you are running.

Once you get a better idea of which direction you are going then other reefers can dial it in a little more based on their experiences.



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Thanks for the recommendations guys.
This will give me a good start on where to begin looking.