Help with Mac ethernet installation?


I just got my Aquacontroller 3 and there are no directions for network configuration for a Mac computer, and Neptune Systems will not be open until July 14th! :sad1:
Is there anyone out there that can help me connect using a Mac?

Some info. I have a 2Wire wireless network. When I plug in the ethernet connector between the aquacontrol panel and my router I get the green and yellow lights next to the ethernet otlet on the aquacontroller like the manual says. So I know it works. I just don't know what the next step is to configure my laptop to recognize the aquacontroller wirelessly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
you should post up what the problem was, and how you resolved it. It may just help other mac users in the future.
Good idea, hope it can help someone else. Please don't really heavily on this info. I am computer challenged, so I'm only writing what worked for me, possibly out of luck or possibly because its right!

After hooking up the ethernet, I was stuck trying to figure out how to connect the computer with the base unit. The manual gave the default IP address, 192. ........., but those numbers didn't work, so I finally figured out that I would have to see if there were other addresses/ numbers with my MAC. I have an MacBook that runs Safari. I don't know if this will work for others not running the same OS.

These addresses can be found by clicking on the "Apple" while in Safari. From there click on "system preferences". Under "Internet and Network" click on "Network."
Highlight your router connection. For me this would be Air Port, and click on the network that you would like to connect with. In my case, "2Wire".

In the bottom right of the network box click on "Advanced". All necessary info is in this area.
In the top bar in that network box, you can get all the addresses by clicking on TCP/IP, and DNS. The language on the MAC differs from the terms used on the controller, see below

(MAC) = (Controller)
iPv4 = IP address
Subnet Mask = Netmask
Router = Default Gateway

Write down these numbers so that they are handy.

Next, program the controller with the numbers you have. This is done on the actual controller, not the computer.
For the IP address, the manual said to change the last three numbers. Other than that address, I left everything the same.

To program controller, click "select", than up or down until you get to set up, and click "select". Then go up or down until you see "Net Setup". Then go up and down until you come to any of the four controller addresses listed above. Hit select and enter each of the 4 addresses under the four different headings listed above. The numbers are in groups of three, so just hit the up and down buttons for each group, and then select when that group is finished.

After this, still under "Net Settings" you will also notice an "admin login", and "admin password" that you will need to set up. My computer asked me to put in these passwords to access the website. After completing everything, you can exit "net settings", then exit "settings", and then "run".

Go to your computer and type in the http.//IP address you entered. Remember, you want to use the IP address with the last three digits change, not the original. I hope it works for you!